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If delivery is key, what should
HR deliver

Whichever department one belongs to, the primary purpose is same - revenue and profit maximization through robust customer acquisition and engagement. This is achieved through process optimization and service delivery, enabled in turn by the collective power of people. This is what HR delivers.

A commitment to rapid growth.

A commitment to rapid growth

A Culture that enables rapid growth through autonomy but controls costs through discipline.

A Culture that enables rapid growth

Capability practices that not only understand the dynamics of doing new things but also the people implications of attempting to do new things.

Capability practices that not only understand the dynamics
Complete HR Outsourcing

Comprehensive HR Services

We’ll help you to grow your business

Our business is to grow your business. We enable unlocking of true business potential.


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Meet Our Team

Alok Ranjan

Chief Executive Officer

21 years of extensive and in depth experience. A sensitive strategic leader with the ability to go beyond the confines of the role. Alok works through people and is known to build efficient teams, ensuring a great balance between strategy and execution.

Prabhash Nirbhay, Director Consulting (Flipcarbon)

Prabhash Nirbhay

Director – Consulting

16 years of well rounded experience. A flamboyant but focused HR futurist with the ability to imagine and prepare for frontiers that do not exist today. Prabhash is known to engage people, enable processes and execute Vision. Prabhash founded Flipcarbon in 2014 imagining it to eventually become the diamond standard in HR consulting.

Sanjay Pratap, Director Operations (Flipcarbon)

Sanjay Pratap

Director – Operations

19 years of multi-industry experience. A grounded HR Leader focused on time-bound and quality ensured service delivery. Sanjay stays on top of commitments and ensures that promises are kept, no matter what.

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