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Our Dream

We partner with clients for the fulfillment of their dreams. We catalyze and enable sustained business performance through alignment of strategy and people.

Our Driver

Infinite Possibilities

We think long term. A start-up today can be a unicorn tomorrow. A family enterprise can decide to unlock even more value by inducting a different talent group. A government can decide to run like a corporation.

Thinking big is our driver and we keep pushing our own capabilities to be ready for a larger future.


Sustainable Performance. Enabled.

Our DNA is a set of values which define who we are and how we approach our customers, our deliverables and our responsibilities.


Sustainable Performance. Enabled.

Our DNA is a set of values which define who we are and how we approach our customers, our deliverables and our responsibilities.

Flipcarbon Dna Capability

Building block of any individual or business. At Flipcarbon, we make it a point to reinforce our knowledge and our experience through continued research and exploration.

While knowledge gives us the technical capabilities to perform a task, experience involves our internalization of those capabilities through practice.

We are committed to being a full-service integrated consulting firm, partnering with businesses to understand and address opportunities related to product, processes and people.

Flipcarbon Dna Conviction

Our greatest strength is our belief in Conviction. It is said that the difference between Arjuna and Karna was exactly this. While both were willing to kill for their beliefs, Arjuna was also willing to let-live for his.

At Flipcarbon, we carry this attitude. To us, doing our job right and doing the right job are both equally important and this comes from our courage of conviction.

Flipcarbon Dna Care

Care is about being considerate about fair and efficient deployment of resources. It is about respecting the fact that all resources are finite, if leveraged with due consideration they provide infinite possibilities.

We believe simplicity in our approach makes us caring and each of the Flipcarbonite leads this by personal example.

Flipcarbon Dna Conscience

Customer at the heart of our action we are conscious of their needs. Our agility, nimble footed approach and focus on cost makes us alive to dynamic needs of our customers.

We are never satisfied and this hunger pushes us to new horizons in playing a meaningful role in our customers lives.

Flipcarbon Dna Candour

Truth and Integrity is non-negotiable to us. We would like to do our business honestly, upholding the highest standards of conduct. Every Flipcarbonite is instilled with that credo from day one. Candor is a function of delivering on your promises, doing the right things, being fair to people and displaying unquestionable ethics and integrity.

Candor at Flipcarbon is defined by taking a position. We take a side, based on what our Dream dictates to us and live by it.

Flipcarbon Dna Confluence

We believe that individual centric performance is passé. The world today thrives on people working together to create lasting value.

We collaborate with our partners in understanding their requirement and adapt our offering basis the need.

We adopt collaborative approach in identifying the opportunities and finding solutions. We are committed to promote this spirit both within as well as outside our organisation

Our Story:
We connect to create

Flipcarbon was founded in 2014 by Prabhash Nirbhay who is its Director - Consulting focusing on situations to be understood from a deeper and more innovative perspective.

Flipcarbon was born out of a realization, the realization that diamonds are forever but fire lies at the heart of coal and stories are born out of the relentless march of graphite on paper.

Today, our focus is to enable our clients to grow and sustain their organization through robust people practices by providing them uniquely tailored services.

A company that lives its credo of infinite possibilities every single moment.


Years of Experience


Happy Clients and Growing



Aabout Our Story

Meet Our Founders

Alok Ranjan

Chief Executive Officer

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Prabhash Nirbhay, Director Consulting (Flipcarbon)

Prabhash Nirbhay

Director – Consulting

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Our Methodology

Drawing inspiration from Carbon and its ability to serve diverse needs, at Flipcarbon we spend time understanding needs and tailoring solutions.

  • Define objectives.
  • Design an assessment plan.
  • Implement the plan & gather Information.
  • Interpret / Evaluate information.
  • Use the results in strategy formulation.

We develop an understanding of current reality against the essential components of a world-class organization. During this phase, our consulting experts establish your current level of performance and identify areas for change. The issues identification is done collaboratively with your team to develop Scenario Ownership among them. We adopt appropriate methodologies of interviews with staff and management, analysis of data and gut instincts.

  • Backed by diagnosis.
  • Strengthened by guiding principles.
  • Creates sustainable advantage.
  • Coherent actions defined.
  • Clear to describe.
  • Measurable.

Our consultants identify and present the case for change to strategic leadership. During this phase, strategic leadership is  engaged in creating the vision for an improved future, so that the organization can work on common goals and objectives. We outline the required interventions in strategy, structure, systems, leadership interventions and culture change in the organisation. These reports and suggestions are discussed with the strategic leadership to outline a plan.

  • Inform.
  • Influence.
  • To build credibility, image and goodwill.
  • To press for action.

Organizational change initiatives trigger anxiety across the corporate hierarchy in even the best of times. They can make one dizzy, they can elicit fear, even panic. Calls to change can also provoke especially intense resistance. When uncertainty is such a prominent - and threatening - feature on the external landscape, people crave constancy and routine inside their organizations.

Our consultants help you keep the message simple, build behaviours based on realities, create a framework to help people stay disciplined. We help you adopt a storyteller approach and use new age media in unexpected ways.

  • Make it useful. Create a sense of urgency.
  • Make it relevant. Create and communicate a vision for the future.
  • Make it engaging. Offer the tools of the trade.
  • Create an environment. The change will have to be anchored in culture.

Our job here is to allow people to effect the change organisation is looking for, make sure everyone involved is conversant with the tools and the theories around the initiative, and ensure that the Sustainability Drivers are embedded at this point in time.

At this point our job is to ensure that we have Change Agents and Change Missionaries in place to drive the change, create a sense of urgency, ensure relevant stakeholders are committed, and if required, disarm the culture.

  • Remove obstacles.
  • Create short term wins: 6 months.
  • Make it replicable: 12 months.
  • Make it reliable: 18 months.
  • Make it sustainable: 24 months.

We work closely at all levels of the organization and across five differentiators-People, Process, Technology, Leadership and Culture. We identify opportunities for continuous improvement, transferring know-how to ensure a sustainable future.

  • Measure against milestones and celebrate successes.
  • Identify and address unanticipated barriers.
  • Reinforce focus, in case of drift.
  • Course correct where required.

Some metrics that are key are embedded in the implementation phase viz. project KPIs, ROI measures, Effectiveness etc.

Esteemed clients

Partial List of our esteemed clients

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