Agility – The Ice Captain Way!

He who commands the will, commands the willow!
What is #agility. It was an interesting midmorning conversation that got me thinking how little we respect the word that carries so many possibilities within such a small and delicate frame. 
It’s limitless possibilities are many a times restricted within a narrow reference to speed.
Here is what it means to be agile referencing #MSD #Dhoni behind the stumps or #Kohli in front of it.
1. #Shakti (Strength of God): Also known as stickiness for Values and Self Belief: That which makes you believe that you can hit 20 runs in the last over every time you come in to bat. It defines #Ownership – that which makes you start and #Accountability – that which makes you finish. One can call it character.
2. #Samarthya (Nurturing capacity of the Goddess): Normally, it is called response to stimulus, but in true sense it means ability to create a possibility that did not exist for a more normal person. A flexing at the waist to hit over the keepers head a ball which you would normally duck. A capability beyond the routine limits of capabilities.
3. #Sat #Sach (Stillness of a Yogi): Neither moves till the ball is just at that place where they want it to be. It is almost about knowing the supreme truth that the ball is going to be there, in that exact spot where they almost will it to be and then wait. In agility, balance is key.
4. #Chitta (Heart of a Warrior):  This is the other pole of character. Heart kicks in at that point when character is battered and ready to give in. The doctors would call it endurance. But it is a lot more than that. 
5. #Ananda (Movement of a Predator): When they move – Oh! How they move. Enjoying the movement of their body, in the stillness of their mind driven by the fuel of their heart.
 6. #Sangam (Coordination of a Marching Army): That point where the conscious and the unconscious become one. When not the eye but the mind directly sees the ball and not the bat but the heart wills it to the boundary. He who commands the will, commands the willow.


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