Happy New Year 2019

Exactly 4years to that fateful day when I quit the relative safety of a full time corporate job to start Flipcarbon.  What a journey this has been. 

A big thank you to all those who trusted a novice organization. Your case studies continue to get us business with others.

2018 was an eventful year with AlokRanjan and Sanjay Pratap joining in and adding amazing strength to both the thoughts and the actions of Flipcarbon Integrated Solutions Private Limited

2018 also saw Tarun Bhagat leave to concentrate on Wikata Consulting Services. That’s a good story being scripted by him and Aman Kumar and rightly deserves the attention that Tarun decided to give it.

Our Noida office has been rocking since its inception. Mumbai continues to show why it is called the land where your self-belief and capacity for hard work alone are enough to set you on the path to success. 

Thank you 2018, you have been kind. 

2019 promises to be an amazing year. 

Bengaluru, our home ground has been giving us a spinning track since day one. It is time to take fresh guard here and make this ground our own.

2019 will activate our “bet big on talent” agenda. If they are there, we will hire. 

2019 will also see us give ourselves a firm Technology push. 

2019. Here we are.

Happy new year everyone. Happy new year Team Flipcarbon. Let us rock and roll.


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