HR Must engage a bit more with the #MeToo movement

The essence of true culture is a set of #Values that govern it.

I have been thinking about the #metoo movement for a couple of weeks now and the fact that most intrigues me is not the number of #metoo cases but the lack of numbers in HR people talking about it, let alone initiating conversations around it at their workplaces. 

Sexual harassment happens. Borderline discomfort of a sexual nature in the work context happens all the time. If rules, policies and tough actions alone could suffice, no evil would ever happen in this world.

I think it is important to create a narrative around it, a conversational comfort around it and righteousness around it to be able to create faith (it all starts with faith) that the system is on your side and will not fail you.

Faith is a deeply religious word. HR therefore is not just a function, it’s a religion. 

One sided sermons give rise to dogmatic religious practices. Conversations on the other hand clarify and strengthen belief.

Talk. HR.


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