Inspired by Carbon

The new year post generated a few queries around our DNA – C6 (or S6 in Hindi – see pic). All the questions finally collapsed to a single question. WHY?

Here is the “why”. 

1. Flipcarbon is inspired by Carbon and it’s ability to forge bonds. We believe that putting individual brilliance on a pedestral ignores the contribution of others who work tirelessly in the background to make that brilliance seem magical. 

2. The DNA with base pair bonding is absolutely the basic level of collaboration for best results. Without the DNA human beings are just chemicals.

3. The S6 comes from another fundamental building block of life (Sulphur – you eat it everyday in egg yolk and brush it every day in human hair).

4. This bonding/collaborating behavior is what we call “Spirit” and this is what makes “brothers/sisters” out of colleagues. You can’t use the word “family” to describe your organization till this shift in relationship has happened.

5. The core electrons of C6 are Capability (Learn the right thing) and Conviction (Do the right thing).

6. The Tetravalent electrons which assist in the bonding process are Care (Resources are Finite), Conscience (Don’t hurt a Soul), Candor (Say it the way it is) and Confluence (Work as One).

7. The final bit – collaboration is an act of selfless giving. Put enough on the community table and everyone gets to pick something up. Approach it with the intent to only pick up something and you will find the table empty!


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